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Getting to respective appointments on time can be challenging to some. Especially for people with disabilities, finding a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation can be difficult. Due to the number of commuters, finding a seat can be also a chore.

But, with Second Chances, LLC, we can guarantee you a safe and comfortable transportation experience. Our friendly and reliable drivers can get you to your gatherings and appointments on time. Our vehicles are also very spacious for various mobility equipment. So what are you waiting for? For a safe and fast journey, choose Second Chances, LLC today!

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Experience a great and comfortable journey with us today. Check out the various services we offer for your everyday convenience.

couple helping senior man to sit in wheelchair


We can safely transport your senior loved ones to their desired destination safely and efficiently.

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Getting you to your dialysis appointment is no problem for you and us!

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Medical Appointment

Never miss a single check-up with our dependable and fast transportation service.

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You’re Important to Us Our Mission Statement

The mission of Second Chances, LLC is to provide safe, timely, reliable, and affordable transportation for senior citizens, dialysis patients, and other individuals needing transportation. At Second Chances, we create an exceptional transportation experience for you. Our vehicles are clean and comfortable, and our drivers are professionals who will assist you in and out of your destinations if necessary. Whether you have a medical appointment or dialysis treatment, or if you need to go shopping or attend a special event, Second Chances, LLC is here for you!

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