Get to know how we became your trusted NEMT provider.
a senior woman in a wheelchair helped off a van using a chair lift

We started Second Chances, LLC when we recognized a need in our community for safe, timely, and reliable transportation for dialysis patients, wheelchair access, and senior citizens. While we were assisting family members with transportation to dialysis treatments and medical appointments, we learned that many patients must often wait for several hours to be taken home after receiving dialysis treatments or following medical appointments. We formed Second Chances, LLC in response to this need, and we are now busy serving the needs of our many clients.

Now, with our help, we can guarantee comfort and relaxation to our clients as they will no longer have to wait for long periods to go home. This way, they can prevent further stress, which can often lead to complications in their health. As a provider of reliable non-emergency medical transportation, we cater to the different requests of our clients. We always ensure that their transport experience is safe and comfortable so that they can feel a sense of trust and security. We are also a First Aid and CPR- Certified NEMT that ensures the safety and welfare of our clients whenever the need arises.

Second Chances offers its services to people of different ages, disabilities, and medical needs. We deliver our services to all the surrounding areas of the Bay Area.

Our Mission

The mission of Second Chances, LLC is to provide safe, timely, reliable, and affordable transportation for senior citizens, dialysis patients, and other individuals needing transportation. At Second Chances, we create an exceptional transportation experience for you. Our vehicles are clean and comfortable, and our drivers are professionals who will assist you in and out of your destinations if necessary. Whether you have a medical appointment or dialysis treatment, or if you need to go shopping or attend a special event, Second Chances, LLC is here for you!