We can assist you with your grocery shopping.

Independently living seniors and people with disabilities may find it difficult to go to their local groceries and markets for a fresh supply of food and other necessities. Without proper transportation assistance, they may opt to commute publicly, which may be hard for them in terms of finding seats and space. This problem can lessen their motivation to go out and buy ingredients for their meals, leading them to order unhealthy fast food instead.

Fortunately, Second Chances, LLC is here to assist. We are a non-emergency medical transportation provider that can assist your loved ones in buying groceries. Our drivers, if asked to, can help your loved one carry and buy fresh food that will help maintain their health and well-being. If they choose, your loved one also has the option to buy the groceries themselves while having the driver wait for them outside instead.

Are you interested in our service? Learn more about how to acquire it by giving us a call today! We will be more than happy to assist your loved ones.